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Substance Use Program


Woodland Centers Substance Use Program is committed to providing quality services to individuals seeking recovery, wellness, and hope.  Professionals provide consultations, substance use evaluations, individual and family counseling, group outpatient programming, treatment of co-occurring disorders, treatment coordination, and referrals for additional services.  Woodland Centers Substance Use Program has mental health professionals who can provide individuals mental and behavioral supports throughout their treatment process.  Individuals currently involved in a medication assisted treatment (MAT) program are welcome to participate in the Woodland Centers Substance Use outpatient program.


Primary Substance Use Group - Day Program:

Tue-Thu:  9:00 am 12:00pm.

Group counseling utilizes Dialectical Behavior Therapy strategies along with substance use literature in order to address substance use issues.  Programming targets:  emotion, cognitive and behavioral dysregulation and internal unmanageability.


Primary Substance Use Group - Evening Program:

Mon, Wed, Thu:  6:30 – 9:30pm.

Group counseling utilizes the Minnesota Model of treatment, which uses the 12-steps of recovery along with other evidence based behavioral practices. The focus of this treatment is on creating change through psychological support. Family members are invited to actively participate in treatment activities and attend group on Thursday nights.


Continuing Care Program:

Monday:  5:30 to 7:30pm.

This program supports a person’s transition from Primary Substance Use group to completion of treatment.  The program focuses on relapse prevention and building a healthy living environment and support network.


Substance Use Program is available in Kandiyohi county.