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Jarred Kells

B.S., L.A.D.C.

Jarred Kells is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor and received his education through Ridgewater College and Bellevue University for Alcohol and Drug Counseling and Behavioral Sciences, respectively. He is currently a student at Adler Graduate School to obtain a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling. He believes in treating the whole person and taking into account physical, mental, spiritual, and social factors. He understands the importance of integrated care, meeting clients where they are at, and values working in a team to help you achieve your goals and become the best you that you can be.

Jarred serves on the Chippewa County Treatment Court team.

Jarred Kells
Help is available 24/7. Crisis Text Line - Text "MN" to 741741 - to connect with a Crisis Counselor.
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