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Youth Mental Health

Youth Services

Emotional or mental health problems can develop at any age. Many children have mental health issues that can seriously affect aspects of their lives:

  • Studies estimate that mental health problems affect one in five young people at any given time.
  • Many children and youth experience emotional disorders, such as depression, anxiety and attention-deficit, conduct and eating disorders.
  • In Minnesota, 9 percent of school-age children and 5 percent of preschool children have a serious emotional disturbance, which is a mental health problem that has become longer-lasting and interferes significantly with the child's functioning at home and in school.
  • An estimated 109,000 children and youth, birth to age 21, in Minnesota need treatment for serious emotional disturbances.
  • Children and youth with a serious emotional disturbance experience risks related to reduced graduation rates, increased involvement with juvenile corrections and more substance abuse problems.

Woodland Centers' offers an array of youth services ranging from outpatient therapy, school-linked services, and residential Crisis Stabilization program representing a wide range of services along the continuum of care.

Compass Adolescent Day Treatment

Family-Parenting Support

Home and Community Based Services

School Based Services

Youth Behavior Health Home

Youth Crisis Stabilization Unit

Youth Day Treatment

Youth Group Therapy

Youth Medication

Youth Skills Education

Youth Therapy

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Help is available 24/7. Call the Crisis phone line at 1-800-432-8781
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