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Adult Behavior Health Home

Behavior Health Home (BHH) is a multi-disciplinary team that shares information and collaborates to deliver a coordinated plan of services and care.

BHH services create an opportunity to meet the needs of individuals experiencing mental illness and their families by addressing the individual's goals for over all well-being, including goals for physical health, mental health, substance use and wellness.

Feel free to contact our team at 320-235-4613 ext 393 or ext 263 with questions or to make a referral.

Offering Hope, Care & Support

You are not alone! This is one of the most common reasons for not seeking help. Don’t let the fear and stigma of reaching out for help, depression and anxiety, or lack of resources, stop you from getting the needed health services to improve your life and achieve your future goals.

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Help is available 24/7. Call the Crisis phone line at 1-800-432-8781
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