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Collin B.

Collin B.


Collin graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 2013 with his Bachelor’s  degree in Psychology, with a minor in Criminology. He obtained his Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, IL in July of 2015. Collin has experience working with adults struggling with substance dependence and mental health issues in various settings. Collin has worked in rural community mental health as an outpatient therapist and veteran services specialist before moving to the Twin Cities in October 2020. After moving to the Twin Cities, Collin worked as a clinical team lead and associate director of an Intensive Residential Treatment Site (IRTS) before coming into his current role.  

Collin has specialized training in working with members of the military, veterans, and  their families. He also has advanced clinical training in working with those who suffer from trauma. Collin uses a caring, integrative, client-centered approach in his work with clients. Collin acknowledges the strength and courage it takes to address issues related to one’s mental health. He firmly believes through empathy, non-judgment, and hard work, each and every client can move through their struggles and lead the happy, healthy, and fulfilling life that they want and deserve. 

Outside of being a therapist, Collin has provided various trainings to hospital staff, law enforcement personnel, mental health staff, criminal justice officials, and community members regarding mental health issues as well as military culture, trauma, and PTSD. He has served as a part of an interdisciplinary team to help establish and implement new training guidelines and  protocols regarding crisis response as well as aiding in establishing new clinical diagnosis  criteria and scheduling protocols within previous organizations in which he has worked. He has provided various consultation services in the community, provided debriefings as part of a community emergency response to various crises, and delivered didactic trainings to agency staff.  

In his free time, Collin enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, being  outside, and cooking. Collin’s favorite sport teams are the Iowa Hawkeyes, Chicago Cubs, Green Bay Packers, and the Chicago Blackhawks; especially if they are winning. Since moving to the Twin Cities, Collin has also become a Twins fan as well as a Minnesota United FC and the Minnesota Wild. 

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